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Hi it’s Mia and I’m writing because I’m really happy about going to be travelling to Bali very soon to do more of my fitness holidays! My passion has always been the providing the fitness part of the weight loss experience which is why it’s great that I am now teaming up with one of the best detox and weight loss retreats in Bali because what they really need is an increased amount of fitness in their already very successful programs.

The leader of the retreats is Sophie Jones and she and I have run retreats together before in the past and so am very excited to see her again and catch up and help everyone lose more weight, and feel just so much better about themselves and life in general.

So Bali here I come!

Be sure to get in contact with me directly through this website or just go and see the retreat and contact. Either way I shall be making my way to Indonesia very shortly and hope to see you there too!

Also as always, remember to do your morning stretches and at least some activity in the day time which increases your heart beat above the normal level. Even if you are going to join us on retreat, the time to get ready is now! So you can make the most of your experience with us.

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