Weight Loss Cleanse Detox Program

Hi this is Mia Young really excited to be working with Sophie Jones on Weight Loss Cleanse a site about how to detox for weight loss at home.

Sophie Jones and I have worked together in Bali helping our clients lose weight and start new fresh and very healthy lifestyles.

After having worked so much together we realised that it would be a good idea to start putting everything we have been learning in Bali into a detox program that women (and men!) can do at home so they can start losing weight.

We first got the idea to do this because we saw that many guests from Australia, UK, USA and also from Canada were finding it hard to travel all the way to Indonesia. So instead we thought, “why not package up a detox program and sell it to people where they can do it from home”.

And that’s what we did.

We’re really hoping it will help the people who use it to lose weight through our specific, and well documented, detox program.

Mia Young

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